Welcome to the Sparkle Kingdom!

Are you looking for a gift or you just want to treat yourself? Are you seeking for something sparkle and limited? You are in the right place!

Welcome to Noririn, a Magical Kingdom where you can find toons of pinkie, cutie and spooky items.
Noririn’s products offer the best quality, since I take care even of the smallest details. In this Magical Kingdom we do our best so you can have a charming experience.

What is Noririn?
Noririn is a personal project which I started some months ago because I wanted to share my art with the entire world in order to make a more colorful, sparkle and bright place. However, this project born in 2013, when I decided to take a chance in a Manga and Anime Convention from my small natal town in Spain. Since then, I have been attending to different conventions around the world to share my art as a way of expression with people that love and support artworks.

Nowadays the times are difficult, and sadly I can’t attend fairs and conventions, which means the world to me. There I have made toons of friends, workmates and knew a lot of fantastic people who supported and inspired my work.
So, with the idea of that you can continue enjoying and experimenting the Noririn’s experience I decided to open this online store, which have the essence of all my creativity, the quality of the products, cute designs and my vision of a world flooded in glitter.

Let yourself be seduced for my love revolution and show that you are an empowered person who seeks authenticity.

What can you find in Noririn?
In Noririn you can show your own essence, personality and that you care of making everyday a special moment.
On my website you will find Art prints, Keychains, Enamel Pins, Stickers, super soft and cutie Plushies and really cool T-Shirts and Jumpers! Some inspired in my current obsessions (as Princesses, Animal Crossing and Mean Girls), and others are my own characters.
In addition, you will be able to find the size you need since I have garments from size S to 3XL!
Enter to my website, browse and discover my original art and high quality articles!

In addition, on my social networks you can see my improve day by day and the new products that are near to come!

Stay tuned to the blog and don't miss anything!